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Hearing loss can be a difficult problem for many individuals and is particularly common in the elderly. It can be a sudden or gradual decrease of the quality of your hearing and you may not even notice and it may end up being a family member or friend that notices it before you.

Unfortunately there are many different things can cause hearing loss and it is unrealistic to think that you can protect yourselves from all of these things. The level of hearing loss can be dependent on the cause, for example you may have worked in a career such as building where you have been around loud noises all your life which may lead to a gradual process spanning several decades but concluding with the loss of your hearing either partially or entirely. It is not always a permanent change and it can be just a mild loss or a severe, even total loss of your hearing – no individuals level of hearing loss is the same as another.

Hearing loss is obviously a very unpleasant problem and it’s almost frightening to think that it is actually one of the most common problems in the UK. However, if handled correctly and if the right steps are taken when it comes to finding solutions and obtaining appropriate hearing aids, in most cases there is no reason that the individual concerned can’t continue living an equally productive and social lifestyle.

In terms of symptoms, one of the most commonly reported is simply muffled hearing, or a feeling that the ear is plugged. The individual may be finding it hard to understand what people are saying when he is listening to the radio or watching the TV leading to them turning the volume up abnormally high. They may realise they are doing this or they may not, but it is often a sign that they are suffering from a certain degree of hearing loss. They or you may even start to notice they are suffering from pain in the ear which may also come in the form of itching or irritation, potentially even a small amount of fluid leakage.

If you are concerned about your hearing and would like to find out more, obviously the ideal first step would be to see a doctor. However, the internet has also given a great research option for people concerned or wanting to find out more and sites such as will give advice and inform you of symptoms to look out for.

Whether you have or feel you are becoming hearing impaired, their are plenty of online and offline support groups, information centers and charities that offer advice and support on what is quite a wide-spread problem not just for the elderly but for people of all ages. One such support group and charity is Action On Hearing Loss ( which gives information on all aspects of hearing loss from dealing with the initial challenge to obtaining the right hearing aids.

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